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Living from Amasya Armenians was rich that have spiritual <a href="https://getbride.org/sv/blog/amerikanska-kvinnor-mot-brittiska-kvinnor/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://getbride.org/sv/blog/amerikanska-kvinnor-mot-brittiska-kvinnor/</a> lifestyle and you will lifestyle

Any of these familial and you may ancestral techniques was actually passed down away from brand new pagan point in time. Near to religious holidays, these types of techniques designated the key stages off lives: birth and baptism, betrothal and relationships, and you may death and burial.

The latest Armenians out of Amasya, dedicated so you can ancestral living, steadfastly seen the newest given celebrations of the numerous goals inside their lives.

Khoskgab (Engagement)

Into the Amasya, just after an earlier man achieved the age of relationships, their moms and dads and you may interactions create take it up on on their own to locate an actual bride to be to have him. When they compensated to your a candidate, their unique parents and you may family carry out obviously have provide the concur, as well. The new negotiations between the two edges manage both last for weeks, even up to help you annually. Due to the fact arrangements have been becoming produced, the future groom’s mother will make concerns about the upcoming bride’s physical characteristics. She had to be flawless. Individuals off Amasya bathed at least one each week. To verify this new physical fitness of the prospective daughters-in-law, moms and dads would look at the shower curtains for a passing fancy time because they performed. In the event the test produced high enough abilities, it was classic to say “paghnikoutyune aghvor e” [“this new bathrooms was sufficient.”]

The father of one’s young buck, brand new godfather, and other influential members of the family would sound out the girl’s dad and you may loved ones. Whenever they obtained promising signals, several them is molded to see brand new girl’s family and ask for their unique give. Following the first niceties, the long run groom’s mothers do target their upcoming for the-laws: “On the true blessing from Goodness and you will according to statutes and you can regulations of your church, i’ve arrive at ask you to accept the brand new e] to help you [the near future bride’s title].” It had been vintage into girl’s mothers to first inform you reluctance, and you will protest you to definitely their daughter had been too young, that she wasn’t proficient in cleaning, that the dowry wasn’t yet ready, an such like. At some point, they might consent, and you will would say: “Allow it to getting since you pick match.” Immediately after such words was indeed uttered, the near future bride’s mom perform enter the surrounding place, where their particular daughter could be waiting, and you can illustrate their unique to suffice the new website visitors arak, glucose, lokum (Turkish happiness), mezze, and you can coffee. One particular older member of the room, just before ingesting brand new arak otherwise liqueur, create show their better wishes and you may compliment every in it. Afterwards, all perform felicitate each other: “Well done! Will get the father offer their blessings! Could possibly get God carry it so you’re able to an excellent stop! Get you always are now living in light!” With this conditions, the fresh new wedding is actually thought to were affirmed, therefore the a few family carry out agree with a date on the betrothal ceremony.


Prior to the second quarter of the 19 th century, an excellent betrothal is actually a very simple service. Brand new bridegroom-to-be’s family members create check out the family of your own fiance-to-feel, carrying one or two trays – one to brimming with bunches out-of herbs, together with almost every other which have candy. A wonderful design might be placed in the midst of new latter dish. Anyone perform gather in various rooms into the future bride’s house. Generally, rings weren’t replaced at this juncture.

Over the years, new betrothal ceremony progressed rather. Much more the past several years, good jeweler manage visit the upcoming fiance following the new wedding, then upcoming groom, and you can size their hands because of their rings. The long term groom’s household members carry out pay money for the long term bride’s ring, and you may vice-versa. The long term bride’s family members try guilty of the costs and you may arrangements of your betrothal ceremony and you can celebrations, because the future groom’s family members try responsible for the expenses regarding sweets and jewelry. To the eve of your authoritative betrothal service, the long term groom’s household members perform ready yourself a wonderfully decorated tray stuffed with chocolate. Regarding center may be the silver jewellery, set up up to become future bride’s a wedding ring, which will have a silk handkerchief tied to it.

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