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On final analyses, i incorporated step one,173 cisgender predominantly heterosexual feminine away from 18 decades otherwise earlier (indicate, Meters

2.step one. Members

A total of 1,547 participants took part in the research. age = ; standard deviation, SDage = ). The majority of our sample were from southeast Brazil and self-identified as white (73.8%), pardo (or mixed-race, 17.9%), Black (3.6%), Asian (2.9%), Indigenous (0.6%) or belonging to other ethnicities (1.2%). Around one-third of the participants (34.3%) had completed graduate studies, 23.9% were undergraduate students, 21.4% had graduated, 9.9% had finished high school, 9% were graduate students and 1.6% had not completed elementary school. Regarding family income per month, most of the participants (27.4%) earned USD730–1,470 (R$2.811–5.622), 19.5% earned USD 1,470–2,200 (R$5,622–8,433), 14.9% earned above USD3,660 (above R$14,055), 14.4% earned USD 240–730 (R$937–2,811), 11.8% earned USD 2,200–2,930 (R$ 8,433–11,244), 7.9% earned USD2,930–3,660 (R$11,244–14,055) and 3.1% earned less than USD240 (R$937).

dos.2. Tool

The study are element of a bigger endeavor focused on makeup utilize, well-becoming, and you will personality in females (Mafra ainsi que al., Resource Mafra, Shackelford and you may Weekes-Shackelford 2019), and only surveys relevant because of it studies are exhibited lower than (all the instruments are provided within the Secondary Matter one in Brazilian Portuguese and you will English items). To possess descriptive analytics of one’s studied variables, get a hold of Desk 1.

2.dos.step 1. Sociodemographic questionnaire

The new sociodemographic survey provided questions regarding decades, sex and you can gender, sexual positioning, ethnicity, social standing (nearest and dearest earnings and degree) and you may matchmaking condition. Matchmaking condition try good dichotomous adjustable, having people showing whenever they were already in the a steady dating. A lot of professionals had been in the a constant dating (63.7%), if you are thirty-six.3% of your own feminine was unmarried.

dos.2.2. The center of Epidemiological Degree Despair Size

The center of Epidemiological Studies Despair Scale (CESD-8) are a lower kind of the first Center out-of Epidemiological Training Despair Scale (Bracke mais aussi al., Reference Bracke, Levecque and you can Van de- Velde 2008) always pick communities around danger of despair. Which appliance is made of 7 products which level, with the five-part Likert bills, how frequently over the last few days professionals felt depressed, alone, unfortunate, pleased otherwise sick, enjoyed lives, slept restlessly or felt that they could perhaps not continue. We used the type translated (translated/back-translated) to the Brazilian Portuguese (Cronbach ?= 0.845).

dos.2.step 3. The fresh Personal Pleasure Level

Brand new Subjective Contentment Scale (SHS) try a several-product level you to definitely assesses delight toward an excellent 7-point responses scale (Lyubomirsky & Lepper, Source Lyubomirsky and you will Lepper 1999). We made use of the version translated and you will confirmed having Brazilian Portuguese by Damasio ainsi que al. ( Reference Damasio, Zanon and Koller 2014). An example of a product is actually: ‘Generally, We think myself‘ with the choice ranging from ‘(1) not an extremely pleased person‘ to ‘(7) a very pleased person‘ (Cronbach ? = 0.826).

dos.dos.cuatro. Pleasure which have Life Measure

The fresh Satisfaction with Lives Level (SWLS) is actually good four-items device one to procedures the brand new cognitive website name out-of lives pleasure toward a great seven-section response level (Diener ainsi que al., Resource Diener, Emmons, Larsen and you can Griffin 1985). I made use of the adaptation interpreted and validated having Brazilian Portuguese of the Giacomoni and Hutz ( Source Giacomoni and Hutz 1997). An example of an excellent product is: ‘For the majority means, living is virtually my ideal‘ (Cronbach ? = 0.887).

2.2.5. Self-thought of Companion Worthy of survey

Brand new Notice-detected Spouse Well worth survey includes five items that is actually responded to your a eight-area size (Edlund & Sagarin, Reference Edlund and you can Sagarin 2014). An example of a concern try: ‘Total, how would your rate their amount of desirability given that a partner?‘ I used the translated (translation/back-translation) version to your Brazilian Portuguese (Cronbach ? = 0.820).

2.2.six. Intrasexual Competition Scale

Brand new Intrasexual https://kissbrides.com/eharmony-review/ Competition Scale is sold with twelve products which are responded to the a good 7-area measure; people declaration just how much brand new intrasexual race tendency applies to all of them (1 = maybe not applicable anyway, seven = definitely applicable) (Buunk & Fisher, Resource Buunk and Fisher 2009). An illustration items was: ‘We wouldn’t hire a very glamorous woman while the an excellent colleague‘. I used the translated (translation/back-translation) variation to the Brazilian Portuguese (Cronbach ? = 0.882).

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