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She always renders the little one so you can rendezvous with her companion and is actually for this reason punished

The year are 1821. Ignacio rode toward city to the his horse when he did all the week-end to drink your regional alcohol, guaro, and attempt to appeal gorgeous female towards accompanying him having a good enchanting encounter regional. Of course, he taken excessively and you will came away towards nights to mount his horse with the short travels household…in order to his spouse and children.

She has superhuman energies – traveling within highest speeds and you will gravitating above the soil

This nights are additional even if. There is zero indication of brand new moonlight, but the night’s heavens was packed with brightly radiant a-listers. Ignacio climbed their horse and you will first started driving out of Cartago, to the outskirts of town in which the guy lived. Per travels create need him after dark same discover pasture and you will the brief pond. Which evening yet not, when he reached nearby the pool, the guy saw the most amazing woman he’d ever before viewed sitting near the water’s boundary, gazing up on celebs. She got soft, white-skin like a ceramic doll and you may larger, jet black eyes, together with her a lot of time undulating hair cascading down their own straight back.

Even with most of the guaro Ignacio had inebriated that nights, he could hardly build up the fresh bravery so you can approach the fresh lady, but their unique charm was enticing. She informed Ignacio you to definitely she was restless that nights and will perhaps not bed and had risen off their own sleep to roam below the latest a-listers up to she located so it sleeping location – a softer material around the pool.

Sensing the opportunity, Ignacio asked brand new lady if she would supplement your in order to a beneficial silent location. On her agreeing, he stretched out his hands to get their to the seat trailing your. As they rode regarding, excited on the presumption to be by yourself with this specific gorgeous woman, Ignacio removed away two cigarettes regarding his clothing pouch and you can turned into provide you to the beautiful maiden operating behind him. A piercing, horrified shout exploded off Ignacio’s mouth. You of your own beautiful maiden try an equivalent, however, atop their own shoulder sat a beneficial hideous horse’s lead having bulging, bloodshot sight, tarnished, yellow white teeth and you may flaring nostrils. Ignacio lept of his horse and you may ran as fast as his base you will hold your – as if this new Demon himself was indeed chasing after him. Off that big date to the, he sat within his domestic because still just like the a granite statue to own days and never consumed, neither lured brand new advantage away from good maiden once more!

So it misconception is considered to own occurred in Cartago, the new eldest Language colonial area in addition to basic resource of Costa Rica, where indeed there stayed a lovely Cartaginese off mixed Spanish and native ancestry. She got white skin, jet black vision and you will long delicate hair. An excellent curse fell on their particular. Turning their particular towards “Los angeles Cegua” – doomed so you can wander having eternity into the a good hideous means, deteriorating their own revenge upon straying dudes on roadways and roads within town.

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This Costa Rican legend away from Los angeles Cegua try clearly designed to deter incorrect choices off guys exactly who is inclined to take in too-much and womanize, and you may prompt them instead to remain loyal on the wives and you can families. There is a training for females too – to hold onto its virtue or be cursed with the same fate since maiden.

She fell so in love with an excellent Foreign language manager so you can just who she missing her virtue and when the guy remaining their particular, she went insane from a broken heart

The brand new myth away from La Cegua also known as La Segua otherwise Los angeles Siguenaba throughout the Mexico or any other Central Western countries having slight differences. La Segua was cursed after an affair to the child of the newest god, Tlaluc, which have exactly who she had a child boy.

In the Nicaragua, brand new story turns the new maiden towards the a great witch, who stays in the fresh new trees, dressed in good corn leaf dress that have long, black colored locks covering their particular face and you may plantain makes layer their particular pearly whites, to make their unique voice raspy. She tortures their unique sufferers because of the unleashing like terrible terms one to their particular victims wade quickly crazy. The only way to stay away from the fresh new future would be to hold mustard vegetables – which she’s going to avoid to get – giving the offending people a chance to flee back into the coverage out-of their spouse and you can household members.

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