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The latest long wedge-eg outline of outfit is developed by the fresh new outer clothes (kusak, klashnik, dolaktenik, golyama dreha)

The white and you can black colored kind of apparel was in fact worn which have a white clothing (riza), a broad, brilliantly coloured sash (pojas), a gear, a cap made of white or black lambskin (kalpak), legwraps (navoi) or knitted clothes, and you may leather-based peasant sandals (tsarvuli), or maybe more are not now, sneakers.

The elderly “white” particular clothing comes with sometimes enough time thin trousers (benevretsi) or shorts with broad and you will small legs (dimii) which have leg wraps (nogavitsi) and you will finest outfits made of light home-spun woollen cloth. An important function is the waist-ring injury securely around the waist created from richly ornamented towel, predominantly red.

This new “black” men’s dress wasn’t merely black but can be blue otherwise brownish into the along with. Additionally, the elements described a lot more than, it also included reduce trousers (poturi) and you will a straight-slash sides-size best apparel: elek, dzhamadan (waistcoat), aba, anteriya (a sweater which have sleeves) made from black woollen material. This new poturi pants is luxuriously adorned that have black braid.

Brand new men’s garments off West Bulgaria, throughout the areas of Sofia, Samokov, Stanke Dimitrov and you may Kustendil echo a transformation stage amongst the light and you will black colored garments. Throughout these components, a dark blue or black colored coat otherwise waistcoat was worn more white shorts. That it costume schedules on the 19 th century and you will originated from the newest urban settlements that were dependent on Eu developments.

The Bulgarian chemise can be defined as a move, smock or outfit as opposed to a clothing

Bulgarian mostly used hats (kalpak) produced from black or white sheepskin otherwise fur. The fresh caps was indeed cone-formed, cylindrical otherwise square that have a flat finest. Through the joyful circumstances, guys wore red skullcaps adorned with plant life.

Essentially, the footwear and you can legwear was in fact comparable for men and you will women. Leather-based shoes called tsarvouli composed of an individual bit of directed fabric protected the brand new ft and you may try protected with fabric wires wrapped within the calf. Brand new tsarvouli is used over a great woollen legs wrap (navoi) created from a beneficial rectangle little bit of fabric covered within feet and you can lower legs and you will fastened along with its individual leather cables. This new narvoi were after that replaced of the brightly coloured leg-large socks. These types of footwear have been replaced by the facility-generated boots regarding 19 th century.

Stylistically, the latest outfit was characterised from the its particular linear embroidery motifs and you will colorful braiding (gaytani) in the hems of neck while the tops of your wedges

It actually was typically made of homespun linen, even when brought in cotton fiber was utilized out-of 18 th century ahead. Its length varied off a lot of https://worldbrides.org/tr/sicak-tay-gelinleri/ time (such as for example a beneficial nightgown) to help you leg or calf-duration. The fresh a lot of time arm varied regarding attained within arm in order to bell-designed. The neckline had often a slit or are achieved. Regardless of if most of the chemise are covered by overgarments, people areas visible to the interest was very decorated that have homespun thread. The fresh colour and style of embroidery varied predicated on part.

The standard men’s dress yourself in Bulgaria had been either “white” (belodreshnik) or “black” (chernodreshnik) clothes. Both of these designs are not geographically founded varieties, but instead a couple successive steps in the introduction of a man outfit. Brand new belodreshnik costume outfit was of Slavic provider and you will is actually receive through the ethnic Bulgarian region. It had been best-preserved in brand new physical appearance for the Northern-Western Bulgaria once the later since very early ages of one’s 20 th century. This new emergence of chernodreshnik form of men’s room costume in main, south and north-east Bulgaria was element of a nation-large pattern out-of men’s clothes are dark. This is such prominent over the course of the new Bulgarian Revival considering the related societal, financial, and you can cultural change that were going on at the time. While it began with the fresh late 18 th century and you will up until the middle of your 19 th century, Bulgarian men’s attire was in fact no further made from light aba (a form of light homespun woollen material), however, have been made from black colored shayak (factory-introduced brown, navy blue otherwise black woollen fabrics). There are also alterations in this new reduce of your own jeans and you will outer garments for the style becoming firmly dependent on Ottoman fashions. The fresh black costume stayed worn into the West (Pirin and Shopluk), north-western and you may main northern Bulgaria until the early 20 th century when it try replaced of the Western-design gowns. The design of outfit worn by the greater amount of wealthy metropolitan dwellers (chorbadjis) contained very wide loose shorts – new wider or more pleated new jeans required frequently more affluent brand new person – cotton waistbands and you may elaborately adorned brief coats (anteriyas).

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